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Are We There Yet?!

By September 26, 2022October 4th, 2022No Comments

How much further…are we there yet…

Hello again, it’s Mo here to talk to you about tips for traveling with your pet this Holiday Season.

Some pets may shiver in terror at the thought of being on the road and others insist on sharing your lap while hanging their heads out the window loving every moment. To say the least, pet travel can be an adventure. And whether you are traveling across town or just around the block advanced preparation and a tool kit of tips can help to make it a safer and more pleasant experience for everyone.

Check with your Veterinarian:

Make sure your pet is healthy and up to date with vaccinations before traveling. Address any health concerns that may be lingering. Get their prescription refilled and be current on flea, tick and heartworm prevention. Some pets just don’t handle travel well and medications to ease travel anxieties can be discussed at an appointment.

Know your Pet:

Training is essential for every pet. While it does not have to be extensive it helps if your pets comes to you when called. Travel with a leash, collar or harness. A tag identifying your pet and providing a contact number is advisable. Microchip identification can be discussed with your veterinarian. A current picture of your pet is also recommended to carry with you.

Pet Supplies:

Pack all your necessary supplies for your pet in one bag and keep it easily assessable. A few items recommended to pack are:

  • A supply of pet food, food bowl and bottled water
  • Dog treats and enriching toys
  • Prescribed medications, primary veterinary clinic and contact information and a brief medical history if your pet is being treated
  • A clean sheet and towel, favorite bed, plastic bags for clean-up, extra cat litter
  • Grooming supplies such as a brush, shampoo or wet wipes

Plan your Route:

Be sure to plan for rest stops and potty breaks to stretch the paws. Cat boxes can be placed in a carrier with a cat, but don’t forget extra litter if your trip is going to be long, or a plastic bag for used litter. Many motels are pet friendly, but may have a limited number of dog and cat friendly rooms, so making reservations can be key to a stress-free trip. Pack a picnic lunch or snacks for yourself. This way your pet companion and you can stretch your legs in a park while eating.


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