Smoked again…

Hey there, Mo here. Well, so it begins again; the Rogue Valley is socked in with smoke.  Though the smell and sight of it is unpleasant, there are other unseen dangers lurking there as well.  The smoke can be locally irritating to the nasal passages and lower airways, and can worsen existing respiratory illnesses such […]

Street Dogs

  Hey there, Mo here again, I just wanted to let you guys know about a great project going on here in town that you may not have heard of.  It is called “Street Dogs,” and was started in 2013 by Nancy and JW Lyon of Ashland.  Have you ever wondered how the pets of […]

New Ownership

Hello there, Mo again, I just wanted to give you all an update about what’s been going on here at the clinic lately.  After 38 years as a practicing veterinarian and 6 years of offering excellent care for all of your furry friends here at “a” street animal clinic, Dallas has finally decided it’s time […]

Heartworm (again)

Hey there, Mo here again. I know I keep harping on this subject, but we just had a dog come in for it’s first exam, vaccines, and heartworm test.  The dog seemed to be very healthy and happy, and was not showing any signs of disease.  Well, the heartworm test came up positive, and on […]

Happy Holidays!

Hey there, Mo here again. I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!  We are still amidst the holiday season, which means you will be having family to visit, having lots of good food, and decorating our homes.  A couple of things to keep in mind this holiday season when it comes to us, your furry […]

Aaaargh! Foxtails!

Hey there, Mo here again. Well, apparently we aren’t going to get any rain, and things are drying out. I wanted to remind everybody that as the grasses are drying up, foxtails are starting to be a real problem.  For those of you new to the area, foxtails are grass seeds that are shaped like […]

Time to think about heartworm prevention

With the weather warming up, it is important to think about heartworm disease and its effects on your friends.  Heartworm disease is transmitted by mosquitoes, and as you may have noticed as that buzzing around your ear keeps you up all night, even indoor-only animals are susceptible.  The mosquitoes inoculate animals with microfilaria (immature heartworms) […]

Fall: A Perfect Time for Dog Walking

Everyone knows that Summer can be just downright hot in the Rogue Valley.  As a cat, I much prefer the cool crisp Fall air to walk my doggie friends.  Actually, as a cat I know very little about walking dogs, but I would assume that Fall is just the best time of year for that […]

Coats for Kids (since they don’t have fur like us)

Every winter I feel very fortunate to have a built-in warm furry coat (the perks of being a cat).  However, I know that some of my human friends out there are not so lucky and are in need of warm coats for the fast approaching winter. That’s why, from September 30 through October 25, you’ll […]

One Day. Two Spooky Events. Lots of fun!

Candy, costumes and my favorite, BLACK CATS!  It must almost be Halloween time.     Let me tell you about two local events that both support a good cause.  Spookily enough, both of these events take place on the same day: Saturday, October 26th, 2013!   In the AM: Monster Dash This fun run for […]