The New Year Brings…

Wow, I have so much to catch up on! First, HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! All of us at “a” street animal clinic wish you a very healthy and joyous 2013. So far, I am having a great year. I have been so lucky to be able to spend part of each week with my […]


Hey Folks, This weekend all adoption fees are waived for cats that are 1 year of age and older at Jackson County Animal Shelter, Southern Oregon Humane Society, and C.A.T.S. All cats are already spayed or neutered, and have received vaccines. I think this is a real good deal and y’all should take home some […]

Good Dental Health

Hey guys… it’s me, Mo. I thought I should start making some informative blogs about good dog and cat health. So I want to start with dental health because I really like Hills Prescription Diet t/d. It’s my ‘fav’. I even catch Monkey trying to steal it out of my bowl. It is a unique […]


All of us at “a” street animal clinic are trying to get as many people as we can signed up to participate in THE ASHLAND FOOD PROJECT! Once you sign up you become what we call a GREEN BAGGER. I really love all of those who are GREEN BAGGERS not to mention I really like these Green […]


A while back I entered a contest to have my picture posted on the Pet Pix page of the Webster Veterinary catalog, and …… I WON!!  So I now have my fame. I just need the fortune:) I had Shawna help me cut out the page since I’m not allowed to use scissors. I want […]

Meet Echo…

I met Echo a couple months ago when she was adopted by my friends Pamela and Darci. When I first met Echo I asked her what her breed ancestry was. She said she didn’t know because she never met her parents, but she would really like to find out what her heritage is. I asked Dr. […]

Easter Time!

My friend, Gina, picked me up Friday afternoon to go to her house for Easter weekend. Their was a new addition to her family, Leroy. Oh boy did we hit it off. He is now one of my best friends. I am so glad that he liked me. I was real worried he wouldn’t want […]

I’m Entering a Contest!!

Oooh look, how exciting! I was reading this magazine I receive monthly from our distributor, Webster Veterinary, and they are running a contest for the best picture of a pet to be featured on their next PetPix page. Now I don’t want to sound full of myself, but don’t you think I’m pretty photogenic? Not only […]

Mo’s March Madness

 Well, I sure hope some of you are college basketball fans out there! I have been busy trying to keep up with all the teams that made “The Dance”. My favorite team is the Gonzaga Bulldogs or more commonly known as the ZAGS! Everyone has their bracket up here at the “a” street animal clinic […]

It’s My Birthday!!!

Hi Fans!! March first was a big day for me; it was my birthday! I’m 2 years old now. My friends at the “a” street animal clinic had a little party planned. They brought coffee, milk, bagels WITH cream cheese (YUM), party mix, catnip, and PRESENTS! I didn’t have much time to party because we were really busy […]