Aaaargh! Foxtails!

Hey there, Mo here again.

Well, apparently we aren’t going to get any rain, and things are drying out.

I wanted to remind everybody that as the grasses are drying up, foxtails are starting to be a real problem.  For those of you new to the area, foxtails are grass seeds that are shaped like little arrow heads so that they can migrate into the skin but that have little barbs to prevent them from backing out again:



These things get in our fur underneath our bellies, in between the toes, up our noses, in our ears, and a whole other array of places I don’t even want to  mention.  Once in the fur, they can burrow into our skin and even through the body wall into our chest or abdomen, and establish an infection.

If you see a small hole in the skin that is draining blood or pus and just won’t seem to heal, chances are good that your furry friend has a foxtail in there.  Let my friends at “a” Street Animal Clinic know right away if you see this, because the wound won’t heal without removing the grass seed, and the secondary infection can make us really sick.

Another thing to think about is having the hair on the underbelly and in between the toes clipped close to the skin during the summer so the seeds have less to grab on to and to make them more noticeable for you to pull them off.

Hope you don’t have a problem with them, but if you do just let us know at the clinic and we will help you out.