Discounted Services!

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I just wanted to let everyone know that A Street Animal Clinic will be offering a special for the entire month of September – geriatric pet exam with full blood panel (CBC, Blood Chemistry, T4) for $120!  This basically amounts to a free exam when you run a blood panel.
It is important to check blood values yearly on older pets (>7 years in dogs, >10 years in cats) to identify underlying diseases such as kidney and thyroid disease, as the earlier treatment is instituted the better the treatment outcome is. You can improve both quantity and quality of life by addressing these issues early. And best case scenario is to have a normal blood result that gives a good overall picture of your pet’s health status, and gives a baseline for what is normal for your pet to compare back to should anything come up in the future.
Call and mention this post today to schedule your appointment anytime in September – (541) 488-1661.

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