Feelin’ the love this Febuary

This is Rumi...all you can do is smile, huh!?

I don't usually work on goats but Lazarus was just too much fun!!

Oh ya, feelin the love, it’s February! During the month of February one of my goals is to get as many pictures of my friends up on our wall. Most of you have already seen all the fabulous photos we have lining our waiting room. We are now headed down the hall to the exam rooms and we want your photos!!! Please send me your favorite picture of your pet and we will print it and hang it up. As you can see, some of my friends have already sent their pictures in. I would love for you to send your pics to the “a” street email address at astreetanimalclinic@gmail.com.

Mishka is goofy. This is her favorite way to sleep:)

The other thing I want to tell you folks is about the photographs and art work displayed in our clinic. The artists who provide these have been very generous and worked very hard. I want to thank Dana Feagin, Judith Pavlik, Frivolous Tendencies, Pat Jansa, and Andrew Cataldo. Come on by and check them out. If you find one you really like you can purchase it for your “someone special” this Valentines Day.

Jake likes burying his head in the snow. Isn't that cold Jake?

I’ve worked really hard at the clinic this weeks so it is time for me to pack my bags and heat out to Penny, Siskiyou, Ripple, and Leroy’s house. If I am good Gina usually gives me a yummy treat when I get there!!

Signing off filled with Love,  Mo