Happy Valentine’s Day to all my readers!! My goal today is to try to love absolutely everyone I meet (even the ones who growl at me). You know, the Dali Lama has a quote that I really like…

This Valentine’s Day, millions of people will exchange heart-shaped gifts of all kinds, from candy to cards to flowers. I not only want to wish you a loving day but I also want to inform you all of some of the holiday dangers to your beloved pet.

 Lilies and Roses :

The petals, leaves, pollen, and even the water lilies sit in can be toxic. If these parts are ingested they can cause kidney failure in just a few short days. Be sure to keep them up and away from especially your cat!

Roses themselves are not very toxic. They can cause some mild stomach and intestinal irritations. The thorny stems are the main hazard. They can easily cause trauma to the face and paws, and if ingested the thorns can be very dangerous to the mouth, esophagus, and stomach.

Chocolate and Coca :

Remember… the darker the chocolate the more toxic! Chocolate contains Theobromine which has no effect to humans but can cause very serious toxic reactions in animals. You can see symptoms such as vomiting, salivation, agitation, excessive thirst, increased or abnormal heart rate, seizure and coma. If your pet ingests chocolate call us immediately for instructions of vomiting and admittance to our clinic. Even more toxic than just chocolate is chocolate covered raisins, espresso beans, and macadamia nuts. The goodies inside have been reported to cause kidney failure in dogs before.

Xylitol :

Xylitol is a sugar substitute found in many sugar-free foods, candy, and gums. This substitute rapidly drops blood sugar within 15 minutes or so. You can see signs such as loss of coordination, collapse, drooling, and seizures. Seek immediate veterinary care if your pet ingests any Xylitol! Just like chocolate, your pet will jump on the counter for sugar free goodies too!!

Balloons, Ribbons, Bows, etc. :

Everyone loves presents!! So pretty and fun to unwrap, and leftover remains of your wrapped present is a fun toy for us cats to play with. Unfortunately, almost every veterinarian has at least once removed either a ribbon, bow, string, or balloon from the stomach or intestine of a patient. To go on, we have also removed them from around the teeth, mouth, neck, leg,

Me and Leroy!!

tail, and so on. Ribbons and strings are too easy to for your pet to get wrapped up in – literally-! Keep an eye out for all the wrapping leftovers.

With this all being said, “a” street animal clinic, Leroy, and I would like to wish all of you a fun filled and happy Valentines Day!

Love, Mo