Heartworm (again)

Hey there, Mo here again.

I know I keep harping on this subject, but we just had a dog come in for it’s first exam, vaccines, and heartworm test.  The dog seemed to be very healthy and happy, and was not showing any signs of disease.  Well, the heartworm test came up positive, and on microscopic exam, microfilaria (baby heartworms) were found.   I can’t imagine what it must feel like to have these things swimming through your veins all the time, not to mention the adults living in your heart and the arteries of your lungs!

Long story short, there is a sentiment going around that Ashland doesn’t have heartworm disease, that indoor dogs are not susceptible, or that treatment is only required for part of the year.  None of this is true!  Please please please keep your dogs on heartworm preventative year round – the tablets are sooo much cheaper than either the treatment or worse, the life of your dog!

Thanks for listening to me rant again,