Meet my new friends

Hey guys!

So, recently at “a” street animal clinic I’ve been hanging around with a really cool new canine friend. Her name is Pepper and I like her for a few reasons. First of all, she doesn’t bark or growl at me. Secondly, she shows up with a super helpful owner named Dr. Aiden Costello, DVM, from Denver, Colorado. Everyone here at the clinic is way happy to have Dr. Costello, who happens to have a special interest in orthopedic and general surgery. Basically I’m saying this guy has mad vet skills and is very kind to his patients. Personally, I would highly recommend you stop by and meet Pepper and Dr. Costello.

Pepper being a good dog

Don’t forget to say hi to me, Mo, the next time you’re at “a” street animal clinic!



Just me, Mo, getting comfy at the clinic