Street Dogs


Hey there, Mo here again,

I just wanted to let you guys know about a great project going on here in town that you may not have heard of.  It is called “Street Dogs,” and was started in 2013 by Nancy and JW Lyon of Ashland.  Have you ever wondered how the pets of the homeless population here in Ashland are fed and how they get spayed and neutered?  That’s what Nancy and JW wondered as well, and so they began giving free bags of food to the owners and working with local veterinarians to subsidize their spay and neuter surgeries.

“a” street animal clinic is now partnering with Street Dogs to provide these spay and neuter surgeries for the pets of Ashland’s homeless population. Dr. Costello has volunteered for free vaccine clinics for the homeless in the past, and is now happy to be one of the clinics providing the services for these animals in need. For more information or to volunteer or donate, call 541-816-6035, or 541-816-6374.

Thanks for your support,


Street Dog Pickup