Happy Valentine’s Day to all my readers!! My goal today is to try to love absolutely everyone I meet (even the ones who growl at me). You know, the Dali Lama has a quote that I really like… This Valentine’s Day, millions of people will exchange heart-shaped gifts of all kinds, from candy to cards […]

Feelin’ the love this Febuary

Oh ya, feelin the love, it’s February! During the month of February one of my goals is to get as many pictures of my friends up on our wall. Most of you have already seen all the fabulous photos we have lining our waiting room. We are now headed down the hall to the exam […]

Good Dental Health

Hey guys… it’s me, Mo. I thought I should start making some informative blogs about good dog and cat health. So I want to start with dental health because I really like Hills Prescription Diet t/d. It’s my ‘fav’. I even catch Monkey trying to steal it out of my bowl. It is a unique […]

Meet Echo…

I met Echo a couple months ago when she was adopted by my friends Pamela and Darci. When I first met Echo I asked her what her breed ancestry was. She said she didn’t know because she never met her parents, but she would really like to find out what her heritage is. I asked Dr. […]

Easter Time!

My friend, Gina, picked me up Friday afternoon to go to her house for Easter weekend. Their was a new addition to her family, Leroy. Oh boy did we hit it off. He is now one of my best friends. I am so glad that he liked me. I was real worried he wouldn’t want […]

Valentine’s Day

This year was my first time to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I recently began dating this beautiful dilute calico named Eleanor. I met her through one of the other girls I work with. She is a little older than me, but Dr.Dallas told me that age shouldn’t matter if I really like her. Before I did anything I […]

From Mo’s Kitchen

My friend, Cora, called me this morning and said she was going to stop by for some milk and biscuits on her afternoon walk. You’ll be very proud of me because I decided to make the biscuits rather than buy them this time.  I tried these recipes on some of my other friends, Emma and […]

My New Year’s Resolutions

Well I didn’t make it to midnight on New Year’s Eve but I stayed festive and sported my new hat! I had a crazy night full of treats, wine, toys, and goldfish crackers :)! I thought I might go with the traditional New Year’s Resolution and work on loosing a few ounces but then I […]

Tis’ the Season…

So I am just getting ready to head out the door. I got big plans this weekend. Santa granted me my Christmas wish… to spend the holiday with my friends. I got my carrier… Monkey… Food and water bowls, toys, scratching post, and my “yummies”. I think I’m ready. See you guys after the holiday weekend. Everyone […]

Happy Holidays

Hey ya’ll!! I’m sure everyone has been wondering why it’s taken me this long to update “Mo’s Corner”. Well let me tell you…learning how to type when you have paws instead of hands is real hard.  Not only are my fingers too short to reach the keys, but I have NO THUMBS! So I’m sorry […]