Services Provided


“a” street animal clinic offers complete medical care for your pet from beginning stages of life through their geriatric years.  Our medical services range in care from nail trims and vaccinations to managing complicated endocrine diseases. In order for us to provide our patients with optimal care we take into special consideration the needs of your pet based upon age, lifestyle, general health, and quality of life.  We plan to work closely with you in order to achieve the best of care for your pet.


Our clinic offers a wide range of surgical procedures including all aspects of surgery and orthopedics.  Having both had an abundance of surgical experience, Aiden especially enjoys performing orthopedic surgeries.  Our staff is well trained and certified to handle pre- and post-operative care, as well as surgical assisting, anesthetic monitoring and pain management.  It is just as important to us as it is to you that your pet is safe, comfortable, and relaxed in our clinic.


One of the most overlooked areas of animal health is oral and dental care.  Prolonged dental disease leads to other more serious degenerative processes such as heart and kidney disease, and we therefore place a priority on informing and educating our clients about good dental prevention.  Dental cleanings are one of our most commonly performed procedures.  We would be pleased to schedule a consult appointment with you to evaluate your pet’s dental status.

Compassionate Home Euthanasia:

We are dedicated to providing peaceful euthanasia for your pet(s) in the privacy and stress-free environment of your home. We recognize the significance of this important decision at this phase of your pet’s life and want to give our clients the option of making this time as comfortable as possible.

Spay and Neuter (SNYP) Vouchers:

Having worked closely with shelters for many years, Aiden has become acutely aware of the problem of pet overpopulation.  The Rogue Valley in particular has a large population of dog and cat breeders giving rise to many animals whose fate will likely be a shelter, a series of foster homes or worse, euthanasia.  In an effort to contribute to the solution, we are happy to accept SNYP vouchers for low cost spay and neuter services.