Bringing Your Cat to the Vet

Original Drawing by Dr. John Bialasik, DVM; 2019 Even the calmest cat can become very stressed and fearful with a trip to the vet. Many cat owners consider battling their cat into the carrier, enduring minimal scratches, then driving at ground-breaking speeds to the clinic to limit howling and meowing, anxiously sitting through an appointment, […]

Interview with the Foxtail

Original drawing by Dr. John Bialasik, DVM; 2019   Hello Madam Foxtail, thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. Can you tell us a little about yourself? Thank you for having me here today, and please call me, Foxy. I’m a little spikelet whose generations have been blowing around these parts […]

Squash Heartworm…

Original Drawing by Dr. John Bialasik, DVM; 2019   Mosquitoes are an essential part of the heartworm disease cycle. Irrigation, commercial and residential expansion has expanded the habitat for mosquitoes. These environmental changes and the movement of animals (wildlife and pets) support the potential for mosquito transmission of heartworm disease.   What causes Heartworm Disease? […]

Close Encounters of the Feline Kind

Original Drawing by Dr. John Bialasik, DVM; 2019   Close Encounters of the Feline Kind… Has your cat’s behavior recently changed with no explanation? In a recent publication released from the FBI (Feline Bureau of Investigation) an astounding number of indoor and outdoor cats were reported missing in the last 9 years. Of the fortunate […]

Lower Urinary Tract Disease

Original Drawing by Dr. John Bialasik, 2019 During seasonal and drastic weather changes, it is not uncommon to see an increase in urinary tract infections with cats and dogs. In an otherwise healthy individual with normal urinary tract anatomy and function, a bacterial infection is often the leading cause of urinary disease in dogs. In […]

Mo’s Winter Safety Tips

Original drawing by Dr. John Bialasik, DVM; 2019 Wintertime is here…   The weather can change drastically through the next months, so, monitor it closely and make adjustments. If it is too cold for you, it’s likely to be too cold for your pets. When pets are left outdoors without appropriate protection, pets can freeze, […]

Holiday Safety Reminders

Safety Reminders this Holiday Season (Original drawing by John Bialasik, DVM, 2018)   Mo here, and while I’m ecstatic about the awesome holiday tree and decorations that have been set up for me to destroy, I am reminded of some important safety lessons to avoid a CATastrophic holiday season.   The Holiday Tree Secure it […]

Are We There Yet?!

How much further…are we there yet…    (original drawing by John Bialasik, DVM; 2018) Hello again, it’s Mo here to talk to you about tips for traveling with your pet this Holiday Season.   Some pets may shiver in terror at the thought of being on the road and others insist on sharing your lap […]


Hey everybody, Mo again. Well it is HOT again here in the Rogue Valley.  Too hot.  Try wearing a fur coat.  Trust me, it is even worse. Which is why I wanted to remind people, please keep in mind your little furry friends when it comes to this weather.  Hundreds if not thousands of animals die […]

Smoked again…

Hey there, Mo here. Well, so it begins again; the Rogue Valley is socked in with smoke.  Though the smell and sight of it is unpleasant, there are other unseen dangers lurking there as well.  The smoke can be locally irritating to the nasal passages and lower airways, and can worsen existing respiratory illnesses such […]